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Brad McQuaid has stated in this thread[1] as follows:

Aradune said:

I made a big mistake with VG, always pushing the envelope, always trying to take advantage of the latest tech, etc. And then when we had to launch early, we launched an un-optimized game even the most powerful of machines couldn't handle. Now take vanilla WoW, on the other hand -- it was polished and ran great on just about any machine at launch.

Of course, I can't announce the official specs for Pantheon -- far too early for that -- but I can say this:

1. The machine I currently program the game with and playtest the game with I bought for around $1k, and that was well over a year ago:

i5-4400 3.10 ghz 16 gigs 800mhz DDR3 (I think 8 gigs will be fine -- 16 gigs is better for me running all of the tools, Unity, Visual Studio, SQL manager, etc.) GTX 960 with 2 gigs video ram (I do think you'll want/need 2 gigs as we're using high rez textures and multiple layers of textures -- at least on the 'fantastic' setting -- see below)

I also have another, older machine with a 750TI.

2. Both of these machines run our current build at 30+ FPS.

3. I plan on keeping this machine as my dev-pc as long as possible, to make sure we don't somehow get to a point where you need an expensive machine to run the game.

4. Our lead programmer, Daniel Krenn, is very meticulous and wise. At least once a month we stop and do optimizations. This is in stark contrast to previous projects I've headed, and I'm a huge believer that this is the way to go.

5. There will indeed be a 'slider' (already is -- is part of Unity) that allows the user to select between 'fastest' and 'fantastic' visuals. We are running on fantastic and making sure the game runs (and looks, of course) great on that highest setting.

For UNITY (the development system used to build Pantheon) PC/Windows requirements are currently[2]:

OS: Windows XP SP2+ Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities. CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.