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I have some stats for most of these mobs. Lots of data entry left to do - Nuggie

NPC Template Sheet

A Skeletal Sorcerer (Avendyr's Pass)

A Halnir Wolf Packleader (Avendyr's Pass)

A Halnir Wolf(Avendyr's Pass)

An Orc Bruiser(Avendyr's Pass)

An Orc Gladiator(Avendyr's Pass)

An Orc Warlord(Avendyr's Pass)

An Orc Brigand(Avendyr's Pass)

An Orc Drudge(Avendyr's Pass)

A Large Rat(Avendyr's Pass)

An Orc Prophet(Avendyr's Pass)

A Large Venomous Spider(Avendyr's Pass)

A Giant Rat(Avendyr's Pass)

A Large Bat(Avendyr's Pass)

A Brown Bear(Avendyr's Pass)

A Venomous Spider(Avendyr's Pass)

A Giant Bat(Avendyr's Pass)

A Wretched ghast(Avendyr's Pass)

A Withered Mummy(Avendyr's Pass)

A Scornful Ghast(Avendyr's Pass)

A Skeletal Champion(Avendyr's Pass)

A Skeletal Evoker(Avendyr's Pass)

A Skeletal Warrior(Avendyr's Pass)

A Shade Recruit(Avendyr's Pass)

A Shade-Arm(Avendyr's Pass)

A Shade Brother(Avendyr's Pass)

Contracticarus Irra(Avendyr's Pass)

Risaldo(Avendyr's Pass)

Derekis Lothand(Avendyr's Pass)

A Thronefast Guard(Avendyr's Pass)

Yoska the Sly(Avendyr's Pass)

Jhoren Silverblade(Avendyr's Pass)

Llyndolyn(Avendyr's Pass)

Penitent Thom(Avendyr's Pass)

Gord Hammerfist(Avendyr's Pass)

Alithia Silverblade(Avendyr's Pass)

Pass Authority Guard(Avendyr's Pass)

Pass Authority Recruit(Avendyr's Pass)

Black Dagger Mercenary(Avendyr's Pass)

Black Dagger Recruit(Avendyr's Pass)

Black Dagger Miner(Avendyr's Pass)

Black Dagger Miner(Halnir Caves)

Wraith(Halnir Caves)

Jorih the Enduring(Halnir Caves)

Tharron the Lost(Halnir Caves)

Risen Cleric(Halnir Caves)

Risen Sentry(Halnir Caves)

Ravenous Ghoul(Halnir Caves)

Dehta Celpipos(Halnir Caves)

Larrga Bloodhunter(Wild's End)

Large Green Bottle Fly(Wild's End)

Ferocious Withered Boa(Wild's End)

Voracious Withered Boa(Wild's End)

Larrga Bumblebee(Wild's End)

Withered Boa(Wild's End)

Larrga Gallfly(Wild's End)

Emeraldscale Myrmidon(Wild's End)

Emeraldscale Prophet(Wild's End)

Emeraldscale Scout(Wild's End)

Covetous Withered Boa(Wild's End)

Emeraldscale Theurgist(Wild's End)

Molnea(Wild's End)

Fox Pup(Thronefast)

Spider Hatchling(Thronefast)

Small Rat(Thronefast)

Bat Pup(Thronefast)

Thronefast Guard(Thronefast)

Thronefast Guard(Avendyr's Pass)

Thronefast High Guard(Avendyr's Pass)

Sentry Kirsnep(Avendyr's Pass)

Sentry Tharreg(Avendyr's Pass)

Crumbling Skeleton(Avendyr's Pass)

Sentry Warstle(Avendyr's Pass)

Spider Hatchling(Avendyr's Pass)

Venomous Spider(Avendyr's Pass)

Large Rat(Avendyr's Pass)

Anne Luca(Avendyr's Pass)

Rodcere(Avendyr's Pass)

Shambling Skeleton(Avendyr's Pass)

Gadai Outlaw(Avendyr's Pass)

Erid Luca(Avendyr's Pass)

Drawn Ratkin(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Giant Cave Bat(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Toxic Cave Spider(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Venomous Cave Spider(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Small Cave Bat(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Large Cave Bat(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Wraith(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Armond Toryn(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Gnashura, The Uncounted Prince(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Servant of Gnashura(Video 3 Unnamed dungeon)

Iceblood Cavecrawler(Amberfate)

Icebite Hatchling(Amberfate)

Icebit Cavecrawler(Amberfate)

Forgotten Coldheart(Amberfate)

Forgotten Frosthand(Amberfate)

Forgotten Sundersmith(Amberfate)

Forgotten Deadblade(Amberfate)

Frigid Frightmaen(Amberfate)

Frostbone Arcanist(Amberfate)

Frostbone Scoundrel(Amberfate)

Terra Frightmaens(Amberfate)

Fatesmith Bastrin(Amberfate)

Malthyr's Colossi(Amberfate)

Deadeye Cockatrice(South Soal)

A Greater Wisp of Sha(South Soal)

A Golden Scorpion(South Soal)

A Seraph Outrider(South Soal)

A Seraph Soldier(South Soal)

Tower Seraph Sentinel(South Soal)

Commander Oci Na-Royt(South Soal)

Tower Seraph Sentinel(ToRM)

Seraph Initiate(ToRM)

Seraph Trainer(ToRM)

Tower Seraph Subedar(ToRM)

Qorajin Scribe(ToRM)

Qorajin Custodian(ToRM)

Qorajin Protector(ToRM)

Tower Seraph Gurkha(ToRM)

Master Kil-Hjera (Sage of Moons)(ToRM)

Master Gon-Dakos (Prophet of Dawn)(ToRM)